How To Get To Tiger Hostel Medellin

from The Airport & Bus Station

Arriving By Air:


Medellin has two main airports – Jose Maria Cordova International Airport and Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport.


Jose Maria Cordova Internation Airportt to Tiger Hostel Medellin


From Jose Maria Cordova International Airport


(45 minutes drive to Tiger Hostel)


The Jose Maria Cordova International Airport is located about 29 km from Medellin in Rio Negro (45 minutes drive to Tiger Hostel Medellin) .

If you are arriving at this airport, there are two options to get you to the hostel in Medellin – Taxis & Collectivos

1) TAXIS – You will see white taxis located outside the doors when you exit the airport. Although all taxis in Medellin use taxi-meters, the ride to/from the airport  to Tiger Hostel (in El Poblado) is fixed at 70,000COP (Appox. $23 USD).

However, just to be on the safe side, make sure to ask the driver the price before getting into the taxi.

2) COLLECTIVOS – These are shared taxis or mini-buses located just outside the doors when you exit. Collectivos cost 15,000 COP ($5USD) per person from the airport to El Poblado. The shared taxis take up to 4 passengers, so be prepared to share with other travellers.

Google Map of route from the international airport in Rio Negro to Tiger Hostel Medellin:


IMPORTANT NOTE: Collectivos will NOT drop you off directly to the hostel. Instead they will drop you in front of San Diego Mall which is about 10 minutes drive from the hostel. We suggest taking a taxi from this point which should cost you no more than 10,000COP to get to the hostel ($3.50USD).  These taxis will have taxi-meters, so you will see the total cost when you arrive. The total trip by collectivo followed by a taxi should run you about 25,000COP per person.


From Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport (7-10 minutes drive to Tiger Hostel)


Enrique Olaya Herrera airport to Tiger Hostel Medellin


You will only arrive at this airport if you are taking a regional or domestic flight within Colombia. If you are fortunate enough to arrive at this smaller airport, you will be just a few minutes from the hostel.

1) Taxi – The fastest and most convenient way is to take a taxi that will cost about 7000COP ($3.50) which will drop you right in front of Tiger Paw in under 10 minutes. These taxis are yellow and legally must charge you based on the reading on the taxi meter, so there is no need to negotiate your fare.

Google Maps route from Enrique Olaya Herrera airport to Tiger Hostel Medellin:

Arriving By Bus:

Medellin has two main bus stations The Terminal del Norte (North Terminal) and The Terminal del Sur (South Terminal)  

From Terminal del Norte (15-20 minutes drive from Tiger Hostel)


North Terminal to Tiger Hostel Medellin


Taxi – The fastest and least complicated way to get to the hostel. A taxi from the north bus station to Tiger Hostel will be about $10,000 COL ($5.00 US). We recommend doing this.

Metro – The cheaper way to get here would be to take the metro/train from the terminal to the Poblado Station. From the Poblado Station you can either take a taxi for $5,000 COL or a bus for $1,800 COL. The local bus will drive up calle 10 and will have to get off at Carrera 36. The hostel is just a few steps from the intersection of calle 10 & carrera 36!

Google Map of rout from the North Terminal to Tiger Hostel Medellin:



Terminal del Sur (5-10 mins drive to Tiger Hostel Medellin)

South Terminal to Tiger Hostel Medellin


Once again, taking a taxi is the fastest and most convenient way to get from this Terminal to Tiger Hostel Medellin. The taxi will cost about 7,000 COL ($3.50 US) . This will avoid you having to walk with your bags to the hostel or to the bus stop.

If you are really on a budget or you just love walking, head out of the terminal and go towards Calle 10. Ask anyone and they will point you in the right direction. Once on calle 10, continue walking to Carrera 36. The walk should take you about a half hour depending on the size of your luggage.

Google Map of the rout from the South Terminal to Tiger Hostel Medellin:



Here is a link to the Terminals of Medellin website.

Now that you know how to get here. It’s about time you booked a room.