A 7-Day Guide to Medellin Nightlife

Sure this is a Medellin nightlife guide, but hold your horses…..You’ve just arrived to Medellin, The City of Eternal Spring. You’ve taken in the awe-inspiring views of the Andes mountains and the crisp fresh air on the way down from the Rionegro airport. You got butterflies in your stomach when you caught a glimpse of your first beautiful Paisa. The sunny weather and delightful climate immediately puts a smile on your face. Maybe you even had the opportunity to see a guy juggling machetes for tips at a nearby traffic intersection on the way to your hostel? Welcome to Medellin!

This city is a truly incredible place that is regarded as one of the premier cities in Latin America. The vibe here is special, but sometimes hard to describe to the uninitiated. It’s something you simply must experience yourself.

You’ve got it all, friendly people, perfect weather, great food, intriguing culture, quality infrastructure, and plenty of options for things to do. That being said, perhaps one of the best aspects of being here is the epic Medellin nightlife scene.

On any given night, you can dance, drink, meet awesome new people, and “rumbear” (aka party) simply by venturing outside your hostel or hotel. The locals, aka Paisas, are people who love to socialize and celebrate life. You haven’t truly experienced Medellin until you’ve taken a few shots of aguardiente and busted out some dance moves at the local discoteca. If you are looking for “la rumba” in Medellin, look no further. We have created the comprehensive Medellin Nightlife guide that will ensure that you make the most out of your nights here in Medellin. Our livers and our dignities have suffered a great deal to bring you the best that Medellin has to offer, please enjoy!

What to Do On Monday Nights in Medellin

Some people look at Mondays with despair. Here in Medellin, we like to think of them as the start of something great.

Although Medellin nightlife options on Mondays aren’t as bountiful as they are on weekends, there are still plenty places to go out and have a good time. You can always take a walk around the Parque Lleras or Provenza areas of Poblado to explore the lush green streets and enjoy a variety of dinner options and drinks. This area is regarded as one of the primary districts for Medellin nightlife, and it’s not a bad idea to get oriented with prior to the weekend when things are a little crazier.

Parque Lleras and Provenza are home to tons of bars, restaurants, discotecas, and hostels and a lot of people consider this location the primary district for Medellin nightlife. The best part – everything is within walking distance. If you aren’t feeling the place you are at, simply leave and make your way to your next drinking hole. Variety is the spice of life! We will revisit this area later on in this guide, but starting off here on a Monday is highly recommended. Tiger Hostel Medellin is located in the heart of this area.

Another great option on Mondays is “Fonda La Chismosa” located in Las Palmas. A “fonda” is a traditional Colombian bar/nightclub with old school wooden tables, crazy decorations, memorabilia relics of the past, colorful neon lights, and aguardiente flowing like water. Fondas are a Medellin nightlife staple. Visiting one in Medellin is truly a unique experience that we would strongly suggest checking out. Just make sure you are prepared to drink. (10-15 minutes cab ride from Tiger Hostel Medellin; A little pricer than your average bar – beers 8.000-10.000 COP / $3-4 USD)

What To Do On Tuesday Nights in Medellin

A Tuesday night in Medellin is the perfect opportunity to get some salsa dancing in. You will find salsa bars sprinkled throughout the city, but not all of them are on the same level. One of our personal favorites is “El Eslabon Prendido”, which some say has the best live salsa band in all of Medellin.

Located in El Centro near Parque Periodista, this is a prime example of what Salsa Bars should be like – its intimate, sweaty, energetic, with an inviting dancefloor. The music here is not simply heard, but rather felt and experienced. Their drinks are cheap, the band is amazing, and the environment is conducive to having a great time. What more can you ask for? There is usually a small cover charge to get in (10,000COP or $3.25USD last I checked).

Another option we should definitely mention for Medellin nightlife options on Tuesdays is the fonda “Dulce Jesus Mio” in Las Palmas. We briefly touched on the intriguing charms of Medellin’s fondas earlier with “Fonda La Chismosa”. However, “Dulce Jesus Mio” might take the cake as the best fonda in town. There’s a live comedy show, curious characters that will tend to stop by your tables to make you laugh, and decorations that are a cross between a traditional church and a bad acid trip from the movie “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”. Put it this way, after downing a bottle of aguardiente or rum under bright neon lights, you can go pee in a urinal shaped like Miss Piggy or Kermit the Frog. Drinking, church, taboos, comedy, and Miss Piggy. Enough said. (Located in Las Palmas, 10 minute taxi ride from Tiger Hostel. 15.000 COP / $5 USD cover charge)

What To Do On Wednesday Nights in Medellin

Wednesday nights in Medellin provide an excellent opportunity to chill out and kick back a few brews at the Poblado staple “El Social”. Paisas and foreigners alike have been gathering at this spot for years to enjoy reasonably priced drinks and a laid back environment. There’s also a large outdoor patio area that provides the perfect spot for some people watching. As an added bonus, if you start to get hungry, “El Social” has a nice selection of classic Paisa food like empanadas and chicharron. (Located in Provenza, 5 minute walk from Tiger Hostel, 5.000-10.000 peso beers)

After you catch a buzz at “El Social”, you can make your way over to the plush “Envy Rooftop” bar which is located at the top of the Charlee Hotel in the middle of Parque Lleras. The views at the top of this upscale hotel are absolutely worth making the trip up, but on Wednesdays you will get to experience live Salsa music too. It’s worth noting that drink prices here are a little higher due to the luxury nature of the hotel, so maybe get the majority of your drinking in at the more moderately priced “El Social” before coming here. There typically will be a dress code to adhere to as well. (5 minute walk from Tiger Hostel, 10.000 pesos and up for drinks)

If you’re looking for a more uptempo night, you can check out Son Havana in Laureles for another authentic salsa experience in one of Medellin’s most popular salsa bars. Dancing is an essential part of Medellin nightlife. This place has a sort of “locals only” feel that you won’t really find in Poblado, yet it’s not too far off of the beaten path. Enjoy a live band, partake in some reasonably priced drinks, and hang out with an eclectic mix of people. Don’t be afraid to try to learn some dance moves from the locals as well, they are very friendly and usually willing to help out! (Located in the Laureles neighbourhood, roughly 20-minute taxi ride from Tiger Hostel. 10.000-15.000 COP ($3-5 USD) Cover charge. 5.000 COP beers)

What To Do On Thursday Nights in Medellin

Thursday nights in Medellin provide an excellent opportunity to explore by partaking in one of the various quality Pub Crawls here in Poblado. They typically consist of about 30-50 foreigners and locals joining forces to drink and get crazy. You will be able to check out a variety of different bars in a short period of time while getting to know some fellow travelers and locals. This is a great way to party in Medellin, particularly if you are new to the city.

We highly suggest the Medallo Pub Crawl hosted by us, Tiger Hostel Medellin. We start off the night with some stimulating conversation via a language exchange, then head out for some drinking and dancing in some of Poblado’s best bars and clubs. Typically, the pub crawl group alone can fill up an entire bar. You will also have time to mingle with locals and maybe even meet your future ex-spouse. (Men $30.000 COP ($10 USD) / Women $ 15.000 COP ($5 USD). Includes 5 bars and discos, 5 free shots, language exchange and contests for drinks)

Babylon in Parque Lleras is another excellent option if you are wondering where to party in Medellin on a Thursday. Every Thursday is Ladies Night at Babylon, and the first 200 women get in free. Guys can expect to pay a small cover fee. Once you are inside, you can take advantage of an open bar and a cool environment. After you spend some time in Babylon, you can easily hop outside to Parque Lleras and switch up the spot or grab some food to help reduce the chances of a crippling “guayabo” aka hangover in the morning (5 minute walk from Tiger Hostel. First 200 ladies enter free on Thursdays, Men 35.000 COP ($11 USD) cover charge. Open Bar)

Another Thursday Medellin nightlife option in the Lleras area is Bendito Seas, a discoteca specializing in reggaeton and crossover. Thursdays are ladies nights here as well, and you can expect a more traditional Paisa environment similar to fondas if you decide to check it out. This means neon lights, people dressed up as caricatures of traditional Paisa cultural staples, and muchas bebidas. (5 minute walk from Tiger Hostel. First 100 ladies enter free on Thursdays, Men 35.000 COP ($11 USD) cover charge. Open Bar)

What To Do On Friday Nights in Medellin

Fridays in Medellin are a sight to behold. You can find pretty much whatever type of music, bar, dancing, or party activity you could possibly want.

We’ve already mentioned the Parque Lleras/Provenza area, which of course is full of life on a Friday night. We’re big fans of the discoteca Vintrash (20.000 COP ($7 USD) Cover Charge; 9.000-10.000 COP beers), which provides four different choices of music, one on each level of the building.

Another option for Medellin nightlife on Fridays that we highly recommend is La 70 (La Setenta) in Laureles. La 70 is a street that contains a seemingly infinite number of discotecas, bars, and restaurants all within a few minutes walking distance. You can find legendary salsa at Tibiri, great crossover at La Tienda de La 70, and a classic fonda vibe at Oye Bonita. These are just a few of our favorites, the beauty of La 70 is the sheer amount of options available to you as you walk (or stumble) towards greener pastures. (La 70 is roughly 15-20 minutes by taxi from Tiger Hostel)

You will find a different crowd here than you would in Parque Lleras, more locals and less tourists in general. Also, lots of university students from the local university UPB party here, in case you are looking to have some intellectual discussions over a few shots of guaro.

Nightlife in Medellin on Saturday Nights

What if I were to tell you that there’s a very special shopping mall in Medellin? By day, people shop, get haircuts, and chow down on mall food court arepas just like any other Centro Comercial here in Colombia. But when night rolls around, the party begins, as the top floor of the mall transforms into the night club epicenter of Medellin.

We are talking about Rio Sur, which is located just a few minutes away from Parque Lleras. The five discotecas located on the top floor of the mall attract lively crowds every weekend, particularly on Saturday nights. Check out Sixttina for great house and reggaeton DJs and Kukaramakara for excellent live music. This place is a little on the higher end in terms of prices here in the Medellin nightlife guide. (Located on Milla de Oro, 25 minute walk from Tiger Hostel or 5 minutes by taxi. 20.000 COP ($7 USD) cover charge for each club, 9.000-14.000 COP beers)

Not a fan of the “club” scene? No problem, another Medellin nightlife hotspot that is always a great choice on a Saturday is La 33 (Calle 33). Similar to La 70, La 33 is a stretch of discotecas and restaurants located in the heart of Laureles. One of the best reasons to visit Laureles is how flat the barrio is. You can easily walk everywhere without breaking a sweat, which cannot be said for the mountainous terrain of Poblado. Trust us, after you’ve had a few drinks, you’ll be thankful to be in Calle 33’s easily walkable streets.

We would suggest walking up and down and exploring the Avenida until you are ready to settle in at “Imperium”, which is arguably the best discoteca on Calle 33 (typically no cover charge; 7.000-12.000 COP beers)

Nightlife in Medellin on Sunday Nights

Once again, Medellin does not disappoint in terms of great nightlife options every day of the week. We suggest starting your Sunday night off right by grabbing some grub in one of the numerous delicious food trucks that the Ciudad del Rio neighborhood has to offer.

Located 20-30 minutes walking distance from Tiger Hostel (or a 5-10 minute cab ride), Ciudad del Rio is an up and coming area in Medellin with nice open green spaces, tons of restaurants and cafes, a skatepark, a trendy art museum with an outdoor cinema for movie nights, and plenty of vendors selling tasty street food and cheap drinks. We recommend enjoying the beautiful Medellin weather and spectacular mountain views while drinking a few beers or micheladas in the lush Parque Del Rio area. You can easily spend a whole night exploring this vibrant new spot.

Also, did you know that there are 18 public holidays or “festivos” per year in Colombia? These holidays will normally fall on a Monday, which means Sunday turns into a party night for many Colombians. Continuing with our Ciudad del Rio recommendation for Sundays, if it’s a holiday weekend, you can eventually make your way towards the clubs of the Barrio Colombia area we mentioned earlier. Barrio Colombia is essentially located right next to Ciudad del Rio (5 minutes or less walk) and typically turns into a Medellin nightlife hub on Sundays when there is a “dia festivo” on Monday. Great food, fresh air, drinking, and dancing are all the ingredients you need for a supercharged Sunday night in Medellin!


Friday and Saturday Night Events At Tiger Hostel Medellin

FREE jello shots, crossover music, in and outdoor lounge areas, a pool table, buckets of beer, drinking games and more. Like how this sounds? Well, we couldn’t end this Medellin Nightlife Guide without mentioning the awesome weekend parties that we throw right here at the hostel. We saved the best for last. Every two weeks we organize themed parties (on Fridays or Saturdays) that attract a nice mix of local Paisa party goers, travellers from other hotels, and our own fabulous guests. This year we’ve thrown unforgettable Halloween, Thanksgiving, Mexican, and UFC parties – to name a few. The great thing is that if you’re staying with us, you don’t have to leave the hostel to find one of the best parties in town. Not to mention the fact that these events are FREE to public – no cover charge! Even if you have plans to hit the nearby clubs later in the night, the hostel party is the perfect pre-party venue. We kick things off at 8pm and taper off at about 1am when the nightclubs really get going.

Want to know when the next hostel party is happening? Be sure to check out the Tiger Hostel Facebook page to stay up-to-date.

The Medellin nightlife guide above was carefully crafted through years of extensive research, trial and error, brutal hangovers, failed dance invitations, and unforgettable memories. We hope that it provides you with the knowledge you need to take your nights out in Medellin to the next level.

Being in a new city can at times be overwhelming, but one thing you won’t need to worry about now is where in Medellin to have an epic night out. This city provides so many people with the opportunities to party, live life to the fullest, and enjoy an absolutely incredible destination. As you explore the places listed above during your Medellin nightlife adventures, don’t forget to take a moment to celebrate the amazing progress the city has made and the bright future that lies ahead for Colombia and the people of Medellin.

If you enjoyed this Medellin nightlife guide, please take a moment to share it on Social Media for future Medellin nightlifers! If you’re looking for some fun things to do in Medellin during daylight hours, check out our Kickass Things to Do In Medellin post. Also, if you have any questions or want to share your own crazy Medellin nightlife story, please leave a comment below!


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